top 5 seo tips

Top 5 SEO Tips

Building an SEO-relevant website might seem difficult but if followed the correct practice it could be made easy. An SEO-relevant website provides more visibility to your product/service among the audiences. Let’s we see the top 5 SEO tips

Top 5 SEO Tips
• Optimize meta tags and keywords
• Useful and fresh content
• Optimize your business map
• Add SSL certificate
• Improve the website's loading time

Optimize meta tags and keywords

This is the first gateway to your website. The choice of right, crisp, and descriptive keywords is a simple, yet effective SEO technique.

The meta tags plays a major role in website ranking when someone searches for a relative topic.

Meta keywords are words with a high ranking in SEO. When used wisely they help in the SEO ranking (Google is not considering the meta keywords as an ranking factor. But still some searching considering meta keywords has one of the ranking factor).

Title tag will be a voice to your brand. Ensure to include a gist about your product/services. Also, using an attractive and intriguing title will improve the click-through rate. Titles are the minimal words that attract the audience to the content.

Useful and fresh content

A refreshing content attracts the audience your way. It is the way to the audience’s heart. It is one of the most useful techniques. The main purpose of content is to keep the target audience engaged. Without content, the sole purpose of the website is lost. Your audience needs to be always updated about what’s new in the product/service.

Ensure to keep the content on your blog to date. As this is the window to your brand.

Improve the website’s loading time

Will you wait on a slow loading page when urgently looking for information? The immediate response would be to move to another website that offers ready-to-be-consumed information in no minute. That is what your target audience will do as well.

Page speed is an important factor in SEO ranking. Not just for external consumption, but also internally when crawling the loading time is an important factor.

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Along with the loading time, ensure to have a mobile-friendly page. These days people consume information on the go. Have a flexible page layout to reach a higher target audience.

Optimize Business Map

This is yet again an important factor that provides visibility to your brand. The proximity of your brand helps in its ranking. This is the navigation point for your audience towards your brand. If you have good visibility in Google Maps, they will be listed along with the google search, if appropriate. This will provide more transparency about you to the audience and they can reach out to you instantly.

If you haven’t enlisted on google maps yet, get listed and ensure to claim and keep all the contact information updated including the photos of your store. This includes the reviews as well. Try to respond to the reviews and feedback at the earliest, if possible. This will make the audience feel heard and build trust.

You can also ask your audience to provide testimonials and ratings. People these days judge the product based on its ratings.

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Add SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate. It authenticates a website’s identity to enable an encrypted connection. Adding an SSL certificate to your website will increase the security factor of the website and it’s one of the ranking factor in SEO. It build trust with your audience.

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