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7 Advanced SEO Techniques to Double your Website Traffic

I don’t want to be ranked well on Google.

Said nobody EVER.

As an SEO consultant, at least I never heard this.

So I am going to tell you 7 advanced SEO techniques that will help you rank better.

You will learn how to –

1] Impress Rank Brain?
2]Re-purpose old content
3] Steal competitor’s keywords
4] Make your content sharable
5] Make a hub of outbound links
6] Create your own keywords
7] Find link-building platforms

#1. Start to impress Google’s Rank Brain

Get ready for Google’s AI algorithm Rank Brain.

For most people this is a nightmare coming true but for a smart SEO company or consultant, this is a game-changer.

Recall the top 2 key search engine ranking factors?
Link and content.

What’s the 3rd? Google says it’s Rank Brain.

How do you impress Rank Brain?

In two little steps –

Step 1: Work harder on your organic click-through-rate (CTR)

Rank Brain wants to see a lot of clicks on your site in the search results.

Lots of clicks = Rank Brain boosts it on top of the search
Not many clicks = Let’s drop down this site

What’s the trick? How to boost the CTR Rate?

Add numbers to your title and description tag like this –

Boost CTR

People are more likely to click content that contains numbers.

Step 2: Focus on Website bounce rate and dwell time.

But how?
1] Write compelling introductions
2] Encourage people to take action

In short, AVOID this kind of content –

bounce rate


But write this kind of content –

quality content

# 2. Old blog posts are golden. Republish.

If you are still in the same business (assuming your business is still running), chances are a lot of your old blog posts are relevant even today.

How to re-purpose that golden content?

Skim through your cases studies, blog posts, videos, internal pages.

Which of those got maximum engagement? Do a little analysis.

• Were they relevant to the audience?
• Do they still have relevance?
• Are there any updates in those posts?
• Can those posts be shared again?

With little modification, re-ignite the fire your bestselling content had started last time.

# 3. Steal their keywords

Hey, a lot of my competitor SEO companies have done that to me.

Use the keywords your competitor is already ranking well on. Tada. Jackpot.


• Find competitor websites that are ranking well in your keywords
• Pop their website’s homepage into tools such as SEMrush or Spy Fu

For example – the keyword “content marketing” makes Neil Patel’s blog among the top five SEO company searches.

Content Marketing

Now when you pop the home page URL on those websites, you get the following –

Keyword Analysis by Tool

Now be intelligent. Don’t just copy these keywords but filter those that are MOST relevant to YOUR company or business.

# 4. Make your content as shareable as possible

Unless your content is shared (and backlinked), Google isn’t really impressed.

So how to get more shares, more clicks?

Step 1: Use short URLs like

These get more clicks and shares.

Step 2: Put your social media share buttons prominently on your page

However, here’s a little bummer, Google doesn’t include social media shares for ranking.

But social media shares bring more traffic to your website.

Which takes me to the next important technique as an SEO consultant!

# 5. Make a hub of outbound links

Here’s how outbound links help –

1] Links to other resources reflect the topic of your web page
2] Your pages will get better ranking if they link to helpful resources.

In short, Google finds your website as a hub of useful information.

So how many exactly?

At least 3 helpful resource links to every piece of content that you publish.

# 6 Create your own keywords

If you created the keywords, you will always rank.

It’s one simple rule – when you create a keyword and take steps to optimize it, chances are you will find yourself suddenly ranking number #1 for that keyword if – that keyword becomes popular.

Say your company is in advertising and consulting. The high-ranking SEO keywords may be – best advertising and consulting in London or USA.

But you can create something unique such as – award-winning advertising and consulting firm in USA.

# 7. Use Flippa for relevant link-building

Flippa is now called the ebay for websites.

People who sell their sites on Flippa furnish quite a lot of details.

Go to Type the domain/industry name (say food or travel), and choose at least 500 users from the filters.

Take an example –

Competitor Analysis

Based on the ranking information, you know there’s a good one –

Ranking Information

Now you know how this is getting great unique visits –

Backlinks Analysis

Now you know, which platforms exactly you need to pursue in order to get featured on.

Go ahead, and try some of these.

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