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Things You Need to Know About SEO Algorithms

Search engines have come a long way. In the initial stages, getting ranked on the search engines wasn’t a difficult task. Google just ranked a page higher based on the keywords and multiple links used in the content. But this is not the situation now. Its way of working has changed dynamically and with new algorithms and updates, numerous changes have been made.

What is a Search Algorithm?

Search engine algorithms are the “why and how of search engine rankings on the SERP”. In simple terms, it is a set of rules or formula which is used to find the importance of a site or web page. Each search engine has its own set of algorithms. These algorithms are the ranking factors of a site and there are a few algorithms which are common among many search engines. Relevancy and Off Page factors are some of the important factors which search algorithms take into account.

These algorithms have a significant impact on the SEO industry. SEO entrepreneurs are also inquisitive to find the best possible way to beat the Search engine optimization race. SEO is no longer confined to getting more visitors to the website. Now it’s all about conversions, building a brand name and promoting your product and services via digital means.

Types of Google Core Algorithms

Types of Google Algorithm

  • Google Panda Update – Hazard for Duplicate & Thin Page Content Site
  • Google Penquin Update – Hazard for Spammy & Irrelevant Backlinks
  • Google Pigeon Update – For Relevant & Accurate Local Search Results
  • Google Mobile Friendly Update – Hazard for Un-friendly Mobile Website
  • Google RankBrain Update – For Better Understanding of Search Query with Page Relevancy to Show the Better Search Result
  • Google Hummingbird Update – Hazard for Keyword Stuffing to Show the Better Result
  • Google Fred Update – Target the Site with Black Hat SEO Tactics Tied to Aggressive Monetization.
  • Google Possum Update – Filter & Showing the Local Search Result for Better Output by Avoiding the Spammy Results
  • Google Bert Update – For Search Engine’s to Better Understanding of Human Language
  • Google Pirate Update – Hazard for Site Violate Google DMCA Program (Pirated Content on Site)
  • Google Medic Update – Hazard for Site with No or Low E-A-T Score

Why are these algorithms being introduced?

The simplest answer is because the search engine wants it. Google wants its users to find the best search results possible. It wants its system to be well equipped to be able to handle any search query which people type. Also, it wants to give the best results for every input query. Hence, using this mechanism, differentiating between good and bad websites becomes easy. Google is making it tough for the bad sites to accomplish higher ranking through its algorithm updates.

The next part of this puzzle is how often are these algorithms released?

Whenever there is an algorithm update, Google announces it after it has been released. Hence an SEO Analyst should be aware of all these new happenings around him so that he can build his own strategical plan to sail through.

As far as SEO is concerned, one need not worry about algorithms if there are no stuffed keywords in the site and the site contains fresh and unique content. Always remember that the site and the content should be both user-friendly and search-engine friendly. Hence, SEO and Content go hand in hand.

Search engine algorithms are the driving force behind search engine rankings. Did you know that these algorithms are also called the “Secret Sauce” of search engines? The ever-increasing algorithm updates made the SEO less predictable and more challenging.

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